[II.Club] 투비즈 서포터즈

FSO: Families Sang et Or(The Family of Blood and Gold)

  • To unite all official fans of AFC Tubize and lead them to participate in the “Blood and Gold Family” charter
  • To cheer players on with “Families Sang et Or” at the Stade Leburton as well as away games
  • If interested in AFC Tubize Supporting activities, please contact the following references


1. AFC Friteries des clos

Address: Avenue de Mirande à 1480 Tubize

Officer: Frederic Ghiny

Tel: 0477/37.14.17



2. AFC Girls

Address: Rue de Mons à Tubize

Officer: Davis Julie



3. Betchard Boys

Address: Rue Ferrer, 110 à Tubize

Tel: 02/390.90.06


We travel together in a bus for all away games (Prepare Bechard Boys supporters)


Awaygame Officer: Guy Jonet

Tel: 02/355.24.34



4. The Ultras Tubiziens

Address: Avenue de Mirande à 1480 Tubize

Tel: 0474/54.87.67




Supporters Spokesperson

Chairman: De Praet Nicolas –

Vice-Chairman: Tytens Fabian –