Inside of Stade Leburton

[VI.Stadium&Facilities]  경기장 VIP석

  • Parking lot

– “BRENTA” parking lot, built for AFC Tubize fans, can accomodate a total of 600 vehicles and is located across the Tubize post office. (Address: Rue de la Fabrique à 1480 Tubize)

– “CHALET” parking lot is built for away fans. (Address: Rue d’Atina à 1480 Tubize (JSO Center))

– “FERME MASSART” parking lot is built for the away team bus. (Address: Rue d’Atina à 1480 Tubize)

– Since 2009-2010 season, whenever there is game at Stade Leburton, about 200 vehicles spaces for VIP, Media press, Handicap are available in the parking lot. (Address: Allée des Sports à 1480 Tubize)

  • Handicapped parking only

Handicapped parking lots are available. At the 1st main stand of either inside or outside (roof exists) of the stadium, seats are available for disabled people. For away fans, they can use newly constructed canopy equipped 3rd stand

  • Business seats

For spectators’ convenience, the board designated 120 seats as business seats. (Food included)

  • VIP seats

The club owns 272 VIP field seats. For those who purchased VIP seats, they can use “Blood & Gold” space prior, posterior, and halftime to the match.

  • Bar

Stade Leburton operates in total 5 bars.

– ESPACE KOP – Behind goal post, next to the parking lot

– T2BIZZ CAFÉ – 1st Stand 1st floor

– ESPACE SANG ET OR – 1st Stand 2nd floor

– 3rd Stand (seated) – A bar that is for away fans and AFC Tubize fans

  • Restaurant

On the match day, “Onze d’Or”(Gold Eleven) board members greet customers with excellent food and various wines in reasonable price.

– Course menu order : Apéritifs (Before meal win) – Appetizer – Main dish – Dessert – Cheese

– Course dish price: €50 (VAT included), Drink excluded / Credit Card Payment available

  • Other space

At Stade Leburton, varied spaces for business seminar or other events are prepared.

– Sang et Or : 400 mSoundproofed meeting space

– KOP : 250 m2 meeting space

– Enzo : A meeting space

– Theo : Coercq park-view space

– Club : Stadium-view space

– Onze d’Or : An ultramodern restaurant that can accommodate 200 people

  • Reporter Seats

Space that is optimized for spectating the whole stadium is provided in Theo(3rd floor) for journalists and broadcasters. This space is configured to connect to internet with a laptop, and connect cameras to TV Broadcasting with special equipments. Pre-match press conference is held at Enzo(a meeting space).

  • Fan Shop

Fan shop is getting ready. Whenever there is a home match, spectator can purchase uniforms, scarves, team/player photos at T2BIZZ CAFÉ. Even if there is no match, people can still purchase scarves and photos.

  • Washroom

All male and female washrooms in the stadium are maintained clean, and washrooms for the handicapped are prepared separately.

  • Volunteer

Do you want a difference experience from an intimate environment? Please contact to secretariat@afctubize.be

Stade Leburton Surrounding

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  • Belgium national football team training center

Belgium national football team training center in Tubize is available

Various programs can be initiated and developed through a partnership with the training center

Youth academy promotion targeting the whole nation can be initiated as it is located in the centre of Belgium